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Sustainable food Green Hackathon

14884688968_112d5cc4b0_kAugust 23rd we organized a Green Hackathon in Stockholm, back at the reactor hall where the first Green Hackathon was hosted. The focus of the hackathon was sustainable food. We invited developers, researchers, designers, retailers, food producers, to get together …

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“Carbon dioxide data is not on the world’s dashboard” says Hans Rosling

*[Professor Hans Rosling](, co-founder and chairman of the [Gapminder Foundation]( and [Advisory Board Member]( at the Open Knowledge Foundation, received a standing ovation for his keynote at [OKFestival]( in Helsinki in September in which he [urged open data advocates to …

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Carbon Emissions

A little tweak to the broken carbon dashboard

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The broken dashboard

Over the past ten years it has become an almost universal requirement for major global companies to measure and report on their carbon emissions. Data has mounted up, awards have been made and rankings …

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Carbon Emissions

Introducing OpenOil

This blog post is written by Zara Rahman and is cross-posted from the Open Economics Blog.

About OpenOil and transparency

I work for a transparency organisation and small publishing house, called OpenOil. We work on resource curse issues: trying …

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